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Surveying Company

Tat-Arch Company was registered in 2001 in the Republic of Kazakhstan and is actively operating in the provision of services in the oil and gas industry. From 2001 to the present day, Tat-Arka LLP has organized 2 field parties for seismic surveys, and has 2 support field parties for drilling and blasting operations and operations to study the upper part of the profile.


The company has licenses for the following activities:

  • Designing (process) and (or) mining (exploration, extraction of mineral resources), petrochemical productions, operation of gas-trunk pipelines, oil pipelines, petroleum-products pipelines in the field of oil and gas
  • Operations for geodesic and cartographic works;
  • Prospecting works;
  • Construction and installation works (Category ІІІ)
  • Development, production, acquisition and sale of explosive and pyrotechnic substances and products with their use (with the exception of civil pyrotechnic agents and products with the use thereof);
  • Transportation of dangerous goods;


Our seismic parties are equipped with Sercel-428XL seismic station made in France. The seismic acquisition system includes floor equipment and a computerized operator station. Sercel 428XL is the industry standard seismic acquisition system for land and shallow water operations. It is known as the most energy-efficient system on the market.
Each seismic station is equipped with an eSQC-Pro monitoring system, which makes it possible to monitor the quality of each seismogram in a real-time mode.
The use of non-explosive sources of elastic waves during seismic surveys has significantly reduced the time and material costs of the operations, and therefore reduce the cost of geological exploration works.

Seismic parties are equipped with AHV-IV vibration sources (INOVA Company, USA). As a rule, a group of 4 vibration sources with one stand-by vibrator is used. The vibration sources are equipped with a Pelton synchronization and quality control system, which allows to monitor each exposure and simulate various types of the sweep signal. The installed DGPS positioning control system makes it possible to monitor the movement of vibrators in an active arrangement and reduces the number of defective vibro-points.


During its operation, the company has acquired more than 10,000 sq km 3D, and more than 20,000 linear kilometers 2D.

Work Experience

Area Name of the client Description of the services, year Volume
Ashisai deposit “KOR” Oil Company” JSC 3D seismic survey 2014 177,02 sq. km.
Area “East Alibek” “Samek Development Enterprise” LLP 3D seismic survey 2014 198,4 sq. km.
Beskauga area “Kumkol Trans Service” LLP 2D seismic survey 2014 125 line km.
Dautskaya area «Profit» LLP 2D-3D seismic survey 2014 45 line km 100 sq. km
Contract area of  “Sequa Petroleum” LLP “Sequa Petroleum” LLP 2D seismic survey 2014 125 line km.
Contract area of  “Sequa Petroleum” LLP “Sequa Petroleum” LLP 2D seismic survey 2015 130 line km.
Contract area of  “SCS-Holding” LLP «SCS-Holding» LLP 2D seismic survey 2015 270 line km.
Bazoi deposit “KOR” Oil Company” JSC 2D seismic survey 2016 198,4 sq. km.
Contract area of  “Kumkol Trans Service” LLP “Kumkol Trans Service” LLP 3D seismic survey 2017 59 sq. km.
North deposit “Turan-Barlau” LLP 3D seismic survey 2018 173 sq. km.
Karabas area «North Caspian Petroleum» JSC 2D seismic survey 2018 246 line km.
Zharkamys East -II area   «North Caspian Petroleum» JSC 3D seismic survey 2018 161 sq. km.
Akkulkovskaya area «TetisAralGaz» LLP 3D seismic survey 2019 258 sq. km
Samtyr deposit LLP «Meridian Central Asia Services» (Меридиан Сентрал Эйжиа Сервисез) 2D seismic survey 2019 1200 line km
Alatobe deposit LLP «AP-Nafta Operating» 2D seismic survey 2019 500 line km
Kamenkovsky deposit LLP «EuroChem - Kamenkovskaya Oil and Gas Company нефтегазовая компания» 2D seismic survey 2019 170 line km
Bekmurat deposit LLP «Taraz Invesment» 2D seismic survey 2020 191 line km
Barkhannaya – Sultankuduk deposit LLP «Amangeldy Gas» 3D seismic survey 2019-2021 960 sq. km
Oktyabrskoye fields LLP «Svetland Oil» 3D seismic survey 2021 10,48 sq. km.


The company has successfully completed certification for compliance with the requirements of the ST Series of RK ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems standards. Requirements of the ST RK ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems. Requirements and application guidelines; OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management System.